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Measuring Our Success

As you walk into Callington Community College we hope you sense the exciting, challenging and supportive educational environment we aim to provide.

We are a very successful school. This success can be measured in a variety of ways:

  • Academically – our results at all levels, particularly the value that we add to student performance, are excellent.
  • Personal development – our students are self-confident and have increasingly high aspirations.
  • Skill development – the education we provide deliberately develops a wide range of essential skills aimed at helping our students to be successful in today’s world.
  • Opportunities – we provide a very wide range of opportunities for our students with the aim of broadening their experiences and finding the key to unlock talent.
  • A sense of belonging – our students enjoy college and are extremely well supported within a very safe and happy learning community.
  • Individual growth – all our students are treated as individuals and we try very hard to address their individual needs.
  • A community school – we are a very popular school. Virtually every young person in our 300 square mile community attends the college, with a great many more from outside our natural catchment area also attending the college.

Our success is locally and nationally recognised:

  • Sports College status – achieved in 2000. We are recognised nationally for our success as a Sports College. As a Sports College we also operate the School Sports Co-ordinator scheme (SSCO) for eight secondary schools and their feeder primaries in East Cornwall. Our Sports College status has not only helped to develop high quality sport provision at the college but has also helped develop personal and leadership skills in all our students.
  • Training School – achieved in 2000. We were the first Training School in South-West England. As a Training School we train new teachers and explore new ways of improving both the training of new teachers and the teaching and learning of our students. This enables our teachers to develop their own skills through working in partnership with trainee teachers. Our students benefit from having new teachers with new ideas, often two teachers in a class and their own teachers improving their teaching skills. The Training School initiative has led to a great improvement in the quality of teaching and learning at this college.
  • The Learning Institute – building on the success of the Training School this was set up in 2004. The learning Institute was set up, in partnership with Ivybridge Community College and South Dartmoor Community College, as an organisation accredited to provide teacher training across the three schools. This is of great benefit to our students as subject teachers are working very closely together across the three schools, sharing and improving good quality teaching. The Learning Institute is regularly inspected by Ofsted and in December 2004, it was described as ‘outstanding’ and ‘unlike any other teacher training organisation’.
  • A Network Learning Community lead school – from 2003. Callington Community College is the lead school of the Learning Co-operative, which encourages our feeder primary schools and the secondary schools of South-East Cornwall and West Plymouth to work together.
  • A Leading Edge Partnership lead school – from 2004. We are the lead school for the coveted Leading Edge Partnership award, working closely with other local schools to help raise the quality of teaching and learning in all schools to the same high level.
  • A specialist Music college – achieved in 2004. Due to the success of our Sports College work we were invited to apply for a second specialism. We are the only Sports and Music College in the country and the first Music College in the South-West.
  • An International School - awarded 2004. To provide a full range of opportunities for our students we have many links with the wider world.

We are successful because we are continually looking to move forward in the pursuit of high quality teaching and learning. We have high standards and continually review the teaching and learning in the college.

Measuring our Success | What We Aim to Achieve | Our Vision | Maintaining our Performance | Developing Each Student | The College & The Future | [Download]



Callington Community College has Sports College status Callington Community College has Music College statusCallington Community College is a recognised Training School Callington Community College has won the International School AwardCallington Community College is the lead member school of the Learning Institute