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6th Form - Introduction

The College offers a wide range of courses designed to meet your individual needs. GCE A levels and Applied A levels (formerly referred to as Vocational A Levels) are the usual route into Higher Education and they will serve to increase your opportunities in the employment market.

In addition this year we are offering some level 2 courses that are designed to provide you with the opportunity to go on to study at level 3 or to enhance your employability.

GCE Advanced level Qualifications - Level 3 courses are comprised of two components (AS and A2), completed over a two year period.

The College recognises that you are an individual and you will have your own thoughts and aspirations to bring to us at your sixth form interview which is designed to help you select your most appropriate programme of study. The number and combination of subjects that you will take will therefore be discussed with you individually and some of this discussion will obviously be based on your previous or projected qualifications. An individual study programme , which is right for you, will then be constructed. As a general guide students who enter the sixth form with an Average Points Score above 5.6 or a profile of A and B grades (taken from your best 8 GCSE scores) will take four AS levels in Year 12, together with enrichment courses. Students with an average points score of below 5.6 or a profile of B and C grades will be encouraged to take the equivalent of 3 AS levels together with enrichment courses.

Students will be expected to participate in a programme of enrichment which is tailored to individual needs. Students will be expected to take AS level General Studies (unless they choose to retake Maths or English GCSE), attend a weekly tutorial session with their tutor, and opt for one curriculum activity of their choice taken from Spanish, Community Sports Leadership, PE Activities, Young Enterprise, Active Citizenship, Assistant Tutoring, Music, Personal Development Leadership Programme or ICT. This enrichment programme is essential in developing the “whole person” and all students are encouraged to ensure they have a wide “diet”.

Level 2 Courses

The College will be offering two Level Two courses from September 2006. These are designed for students who have achieved a broad range of GCSE qualifications at grades C-E and each course lasts for one year. Level Two courses will be offered in the following areas:-

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Public Services

Students may be able to progress onto Level Three, Advanced courses upon successful completion of a level two course. It may be possible to combine these courses with AS levels.

Football Studies is a one year programme with separate components accredited through the Football Association.

GCSE Courses

Students who have not achieved a grade C in English or Mathematics will be given the opportunity retake these subjects as part of their programme of study in the sixth form. Students involved will not take General Studies.

All students have the opportunity to take Key Skills, Communication, as part of their tutorial programme in year 12.

Private Study Time

For all courses, you will need to devote a significant amount of your own time to complete your workload. This includes your non-taught lessons during the day as well as time spent at home.

Private study areas are available for all students within school.

Standard Entry Requirements

The standard entry requirement for an Advanced Level (Level 3) course is at least 5 GCSE A*-C grades. Students would be expected to have gained at least a grade C in the subjects they intend to study at Advanced Level. However for some subjects we recommend specific levels of experience or qualifications. Further details can be found within subject specific information on pages 5 - 22.

Students studying at level 2 will require a broad range of GCSE grades, C-E.


Main Prospectus | Courses Information | Application Form

Introduction | What Else Do I Need To Know? | Help With Applying

Coursework Deadlines Policy | Deadlines for 2005-06 - Y12 , Y13


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