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by Morag Stolton, Y11

During October half term I joined about 20 other GCSE Music students in an opportunity unfortunately missed by many. I Spent a week at Buckland Abbey with a professional African music group called SewaEducation, where we were asked to compose an African piece to be performed.

We learnt the names of many traditional African instruments (including djembe, balon, dun dun, balafon, and lots more) and how to play them. By the end of the week, everyone had a composition well underway and loads of new friends had been made.

Amie Clarke & Morag Stolton with a member of SewaEducation at Audioworks

A composition surgery two weeks later allowed final changes to be made and then a final recording - performed by SewaEducation - produced some amazing pieces. A week later a live performance of all the compositions (including some SewaEducation pieces) was held in the Great Barn at Buckland Abbey, with fantastic turnout, amazing fun and overflowing energy (especially after a huge finale including all 20 students from the week, and some exclusive dancing!).


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