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Taiko goes from Strength to Strength!

14th November 2004

The Taiko Japanese Drumming group at Callington Community College goes from strength to strength. This term so far we have performed at several events, from drumming in Carnglaze Caverns (real ROCK music!) to training Primary School music co-ordinators and teachers in Newquay.

Callington Taiko at Carnglaze Caverns

The first performance was at the Celebration of Cornish Youth at Carnglaze Caverns. Jonathan Kirby, one of the founding members of Taiko in the UK was at Carnglaze and said that the Callington group “worked so hard, and put so much energy into what they did that it was really exciting., brilliant! The boys were really brave to go onstage in such a situation after the handful of rehearsals they had, and they handled themselves superbly. They looked really composed and played really well.”

The second performance this term only involved a few of our more experience drummers. We were asked to lead a session at the Headlands Hotel in Newquay, at a conference of Primary School Music Co-ordinators. This 1-hour session went extremely well, with the Callington pupils taking a huge role in teaching Primary Teachers how to drum! Mr Kitt, the County Advisor for Music in Cornwall said of the conference “Thank you so much for the session you and your students gave … it was quite simply superb. [The Students] were excellent – it was so good to see the enthusiasm, confidence and sheer panache with which they went about supporting the Teachers.” Thank you to all the drummers who took part in this.

The Taiko group have since performed at the Autumn Concerts at the College, and hope to do well in the Callington Music Festival coming up soon.

It is hard to believe, amongst all of the excitement, that the group was only set up 6 months ago! Here's to the future!


Rock Band Night - Sat 5th March 7:30 - 10:30, Main Hall

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Taiko Japanese Drumming goes from Strength to Strength!
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